What we do?

In Talleres Borda Berri we are experts in the manufacture of Hydraulic Cylinders and General Parts Machining of all types, according to plan or on plan. We also offer maintenance and repair services for industrial machinery.

Atención Cliente talelres Borda Berri

Customer Service:

Talleres Borda Berri, through its professional team of Experts, offers to the clients a personalized technical service that will provide the boost that any project needs, by developing cutting-edge plans and always looking for the maximum profit as well as the increase of productivity. We are backed by our professional work, the quality of our service, our competitive prices and, of course, also by our clients.

Nuestros productos

Our products:

All our products are manufactured and assembled at our factory, being conveniently tested before being sent to our clients, in order to offer always the best guarantee and quality. We make all the necessary proofs and test to guarantee their properly work.

Nuestro departamento técnico

Our technical Department:

Our technical department is composed by long-experienced professionals in the hydraulic sector. We design, create and develop our clients’ projects, by paying attention to their budgets and needs. We also establish the process necessaries for the maintenance of the hydraulic elements, by performing controls, finding and analysing damages, selecting the necessary tools, planning and proposing the correcting actions under quality and security conditions.


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